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At Canine Exercise Solutions, we trust the rehabilitation experts. That’s why we’ve joined forces with leading clinical educators from around the world. We’ve hand-picked a diverse range of renowned partners to ensure that our clients can find the exercises they need for every patient, and every treatment plan.

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Our exercises were designed and tested by canine rehabilitation experts and veterinarians from around the world. Your clients can watch the professionally shot videos of our experts guiding canines through the exercises, and can follow along with our easy-to-understand instructions and images. A one-click print option ups the convenience factor.

Hip Stretching On Ball

This exercise can be used to increase hip extension ROM, as well as to stretch the hip and stifle flexors.

Place the dog’s front limbs on the ball and gently rock the ball forward, stretching the hips stifles into extension. Be certain that the rear limbs do not also walk forward. Hold for 15-20 seconds. Be sure this exercise does not cause pain.

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Forelimb weight shift on stair

Rhythmic stabilization (FL)

Forelimb three legged stance

Sitting on balance cushion

Cavaletti rails

Figure of 8

Walking with elastic band pull

Forelimb Adduction

Low wheel barrowing

Elastic band cranially on FL

Assisted sit to stand

Ball exercise for front legs

Neck flexion and extension

Happy butt rub dance

Carpal flexion PROM

Stifle Extension Stretching


Toe pinches

Stretching piriformis

Isometric knee extension

Glute bridge

Foam rolling IT band

External rotation with elastic


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