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Our client engagement platform lets you build the home exercise programs of your dreams. And best of all, it’s efficient and easy.
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Home Exercise Programs That Keep Your Clients Engaged

Pet owners will be wowed by our professional videos, step-by-step instructions, and smart tracking tools—all branded with your logo. You can monitor your four-legged patients’ progress between appointments and provide additional help as needed. Plus, you’ll get data on what exercises your clients find easy, and which they find difficult. You’ll also improve your client satisfaction and increase word-of-mouth referrals.

An AppThat Works On Any Device

Our program looks great on any screen, whether it’s a laptop, tablet or phone—so your clients can access their programs anywhere, even the dog park.

Printouts That Boost Your Brand

If they want to go device-free, your clients can print out their home exercise program in a format
and size that works for them. Your logo and office info appear on every page.


Printouts That Boost Your Brand

If they want to go device-free, your clients can print out their home exercise program in a format
and size that works for them. Your logo and office info appear on every page.

Practice Management System Integrations

Canine Exercise Solutions fully integrates with the leading practice management system for veterinarians.

That means only one sign-on, and a simple click to attach your client’s home exercise program to their file. And it’s seamless to switch between charting and adjusting your client’s program or tracking their rehab process.

Because we know how much the little tasks add up, we’re committed to giving you more time to do what you love.

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Exercises For Every Dog And Condition

Our exercises have been designed, tested and perfected by teams of canine rehab specialists and veterinarians from around the world. We have exercises for all types of breeds, ages and conditions.

You can search by typing in the name of the exercise or the area you’re targeting. Simply click to add the exercise to your client’s program, complete with high-quality videos and step-by-step instructions.

Need an exercise you don’t see or see something you’d like changed? We’re continuously adding to our library and adjusting instructions based on user feedback.

An Interface That’s Simple And Seamless

Our intuitive interface is designed to allow professionals to put together an exercise program in no time. You have the option of using or modifying a pre-set program for a specific condition. Or, you can build your own program, and find each exercise in seconds with our smart search technology. You also have the flexibility to customize to your heart’s content, by adjusting the parameters, the sequence, the language, by renaming exercises, and more.

Then, tada! Your client’s exercise program will be created in a beautifully laid out, easy-to-follow format, and our software allows you to monitor their progress and adherence.

Support Your Clients Between Appointments. Improve Outcomes.

With our software, you can see how well clients are following their canines’ home exercise programs through the tracking dashboard. Are they starting to lose motivation? Are they struggling with a particular technique? Our trackers let you know when clients might need your support between appointments.

Your clients will love that they can access the tracking dashboard as well. The tracking feature helps pet owners stay motivated by displaying their progress and achievements.

Give Your Clinic’s Website A Boost

Canine Exercise Solutions is fully integrated with your practice website. Your clients can access their treatment plans and exercise videos directly from your branded website. Let our convenient virtual consult platform and home exercise tools set you apart from the competition.

Increased traffic to your website and social media channels means you can directly share news and market services to more clients. Meanwhile, more website visitors will up your search engine ranking.